Food Truck Friday: Fit To Grill

Fit To Grill Photo 1

Name of your food truck?

Fit to Grill

Owners names?

Alon Fuks

Why did you start a food truck?

To conquer the world one delicious sandwich at a time.

Fit To Grill Photo 2

What do you serve?

Nothing then the best this crazy mind has to offer, I like to reminisce about my youth and taking from what I enjoyed to eat as a kid and just hitting it with a lil Southern twist. If you want to sum it up in a few words, it’s as our saying goes FOOD WITH ATTITUDE…F.W.A 4ever

Your favorite items on the menu?

That’s probably the hardest question you can ask, it’s like asking which one of your kids do you love more. I’ve put in a lot of hours to make sure every dish that leaves the truck is a flavor extravaganza. They all have their moments where you just crave one of them. I would say the Wings have been a staple of mine for the longest time.

Fit To Grill Photo 3

The most popular item on your menu?

It’s a tossup between the Smoked Wings and the BBQ Pork Belly Po’Boy.

Most underrated? Which do you wish people would take a chance and try?

People have to start giving catfish more of a chance. I‘ve had people ask me with such weird looks on their faces “eww why catfish isn’t a bottom Feeder” I reply “Yes but isn’t lobster, and how good is that”. The Masses must order the Catfish Po’boy it’s delicious, kinda nutritious, and quite large if I do say so myself.

Fit To Grill Photo 4

Craziest food truck story/experience?

How can your story get any crazier than you being able to tell people that you won your truck of a food network show battling out others for the top spot on the podium. It took forever to film and sometimes grueling hours, but at the end of the day the right team came out on top with quite a few new scars to show for it.

Where can people find you?

All the Major Music Festivals, Food Truck Frenzy at the Ex, they can visit us at our sister restaurant Spedduci Mercatto.

Fit To Grill Photo 5

Do you have a store/restaurant etc. as well?

Not exactly as of yet, but it’s always a possibility.

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