Food Truck Friday: Wickedly Sinful

Wickedly Sinful (4 of 4)

Name of your food truck?

Wickedly Sinful

Owners names?

Andrew Tedford

Why did you start a food truck?

I was a PT college professor for almost a decade teaching in the Digital media and always enjoyed cooking. The food truck opportunity is a long story but it provided me the perfect storm of a bunch of stuff I can do and a wack-ton of stuff I had no clue where to begin.

What do you serve?

Wickedly Sinful serves award winning poutine. We have placed in the top three now 2 years in a row for the Best in Poutine title at the Ottawa Poutinefest. Each menu item has a backstory and each poutine has its own custom #hashTag to provide customers with easy access to Wickedly Sinful’s social media channels.Wickedly Sinful

Your favorite items on the menu?

We have some tacos and a few other items  we started with back in 2013 that I really enjoy creating and making. I may add some of them back to the menu for special events this season.

Wickedly Sinful

The most popular item on your menu?

There are two items on our  menu that could hold the most popular title. One of the original fan of Wickedly Sinful would drive 20 minutes for the #SteakPoutine. One season she paid a gate fee at a live music event that we were at vending for the weekend.
#SteakPoutine Hand cut bifteck seasoned and seared, smoked garlic aioli, crispy onion & scallions.

The second item would be the #CowboyXpoutine its a fun poutine to make. My favourite review was this tweet
#CowboyXpoutine Seasoned steak, bacon, fried egg, smoked garlic aioli, maple sriracha, crispy onion & scallions. With a side of #sinfulMaple – a deep fried maple cookie.

My favourite reaction from a customer at the window as she ate the #CowboyXpoutine included a lot of F-bombs .

Most underrated? Which do you wish people would take a chance try?

The most underrated would be our Salted caramel #pulledporkSundae

Craziest food truck story/experience?

A high school buddy drove from Ottawa to help cook at big end of season Toronto Food Truck event. I blew the food truck transmission 10 minutes from the venue. By the time Heavy tow hooked us it was already 2 hours into service and Wickedly Sinful’s season was over. I was determined to make a Toronto debut in 2014 so Wickedly Sinful did a little pop-up collab event with Fall Tour Interactive.Wickedly Sinful

Where can people find you?

Social media – pick your poison Instagram Facebook  Twitter  for our next event or location. Google award winning poutine will also find us.

Do you have a store/restaurant etc. as well?

Wickedly Sinful  has no brick and mortar location but recently  started entertaining a few ideas designed for the retail market. So we’ll see as the 2016 season continues

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