Food Truck Friday: Chimney Stax


Chimney Stax Photo 1

Food truck?

Chimney Stax Baking Co.

You are?

Matt Lindzon and Zach Fiksel

Why did you start a food truck?

“To be honest, we weren’t a truck looking for a food; we were a food looking for an outlet. We knew we had a delicious product and when saw how amazing Toronto’s food truck culture was with adventurous customers and awesome truck operators – so we looked to the truck to help us get a Stax into as many hands (and tummy’s) as possible.”

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What do you serve?

“We serve a hand-rolled, rotisserie-baked, served sweet or savoury, with a dip, or stuffed as a sandwich. It’s a unique food experience that is also deliciously familiar. Everyone loves fresh-baked bread, and they love to see a different take on it.  We think that a food truck should offer something that’s different, something you can’t get everywhere else. A hand-rolled, rotisserie-baked bread is definitely something you don’t see every day, and everyone loves variety.”

Your favorite items on the menu?

“My personal favourite item is actually brand new to our menu: The Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich.  It’s our Cheesy Garlic Stax filled with 24-hour slow-cooked pulled brisket, horseradish ‘slaw and sautéed onions. We are going to be serving up this bad boy all summer long. We’ve had an amazing response to it already, and the season has just begun!”

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The most popular item on your menu?

“Without a doubt the most popular menu item is a straight-up Cheesy Garlic Stax, usually accompanied with one of our dipping sauces (I encourage the marinara). It’s a great way to enjoy a Chimney Stax for the first time because the experience of eating fresh-baked bread made on a rotisserie is one that is truly unparalleled: the crunch of the crust contrasted with the hot and steamy pull-apart centre, the smell of roasted garlic… and a whole whack of melted cheddar cheese!! A truly amazing food adventure.”

Most underrated? Which do you wish people would take a chance and try?

“One of the best add-ons that we have at Chimney Stax is bacon – we will add bacon to any order for a couple of bucks.  Many people add it to their sandwiches, others add it to their Sweet Stax (like the Cinnamon Stax) to have a little salty mixed in with their sweet.  But, some people have discovered that adding bacon to our Caprese Stax is actually a delicious, full flavoured sandwich that is great for lunch.  We call it the “Confused Vegetarian” as it adds bacon to our meat-free option: baby arugula, sliced tomato, bocconcini cheese, basil pesto aioli and a balsamic reduction.”

Chimney Stax Photo 4

Craziest food truck story/experience?

“The craziest experience we’ve ever had on the truck was at a food truck rally last summer.  Attendance was well above expectations and just about every truck had a significant line-up as a result.  We were working hard to service the line as quickly as possible, and everybody in the crowd understood that it was going to be a bit of a wait for some great food – well, almost everyone.  As we are handing out Stax to customers, a woman walks up to one of my customers who had just been handed a fresh Stax, takes it out of her hand and says “that is my order”, and walks away.  Literally just took food out of another person’s hand.  The funniest part of the situation was that the next Stax order that came up was hers.”

Where can people find you?

“We are looking forward to an amazing summer! We will be at some great music festivals including Field Trip and Way Home.  We’re going to be at TD Echo Beach and the Molson Amphitheatre for almost every concert between now and September. We’ll be at all the local food truck rallies at the CNE, Whitby and Pickering.  Check out our website, for our full summer schedule.”

Do you have a store/restaurant etc. as well?

“We do not currently have a storefront that is not on wheels.  We do, however, do catering and special orders for holidays and events.”

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