Food Truck Friday: Che

Che Food Truck Photo 1

Food truck name : CHE

OWNERS NAME: Sebastian (CHE) Gallucci

Why did I start a food truck :

hmm good question .. Always grew up in the kitchen , always loved food , always loved cooking and wanted to show Toronto how amazing Argentinean food is . And obviously make the best CHORIPANNNNN IN THE WORLD

What do you serve :

We serve very fresh and healthy food off a truck. We are Argentinean with an Italian background so all are food is mixed with so much love. We use fresh produce and amazing meat to create dishes that blows your mind once you try it . I promise you will not be disappointed

Che Food Truck Photo 2

 What’s your favourite item on the menu :



What’s the most popular dish:

CHORIPANNNN (but El gordo is very popular as well ( Argentinean steak on a bun with chimmi and salsa)

Most underrated item :

I would say our newest item which is El FLACCO (lamb spaducci ) it’s amazing !! Try it !!!

Che Food Truck Photo 3

 Craziest story :

Watched the movie chef , the next day drove to Parry Sound and saw this truck .. Decided to buy on the spot .. Drove it back home (my first ever car ( truck )  haha . Quit the bank after 6 years  the next day and boom that’s how CHE BABY WAS BORN !! Never looked back and never been happier .

Che Food Truck Photo 4

Where can people find us:

Check out our insta/twitter @chebabyTo and Facebook CHE FOOD TRUCK. We post where we are Everyday !

No store or Resto yet !! 😉

Thank you for this great post and hopefully you can come visit us on the truck !! Special shout out to EL GORDO, SAMMY G, El Franchy , Portuguese Thunder and El ponytail!! Long live the CHORIPANNNNNNNNNNNNN

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