Food Truck Friday: Bake Three Fifty

Bake 350 Photo 1

Name of your food truck?

Bake Three Fifty

Owners names? 

Jenn Burko

Why did you start a food truck?

I started Bake Three Fifty because I have such a passion for baking. When people see one of our desserts and try them, their faces light up – I absolutely love that moment. For me, that’s how I know I’ve succeeded.

Bake 350 Photo 2

What do you serve?

We serve build your own cupcakes & ice cream sandwiches. All decorating is done by our staff but from start to finish guests can design their very own sweet creation.

Step 1: Pick your Baked (cupcake or cookie)

Step 2: Pick your Iced (icing or ice cream)

Step 3: TOPPINGS! (select from 10 delicious toppings)

Bake 350 Photo 3

Your favorite items on the menu?

My favourite item is The Works. It’s a crazy combination of cupcake, ice cream sandwich, and 6 toppings. Basically like a dream come true.

Bake 350 Photo 4

The most popular item on your menu?

That would be our ice cream sandwich. It’s a scoop of ice cream between two big cookies and any 3 toppings you choose. It’s big enough to share but you won’t want to!

Most underrated? Which do you wish people would take a chance try?

I often try to recommend a combination I like to call “Chocoholic” – double chocolate cookie and chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce, crushed oreos and M&Ms. Some people think it’s too much chocolate, but I say there’s no such thing.

Bake 350 Photo 5

Craziest food truck story/experience?

Winning the Golden Fork grand prize at Food Truck Festival Ontario was a pretty unforgettable experience. My whole family was there helping on the truck that day, and it was so special to be able to share that moment with them.

Where can people find you?

You can find us at some of the biggest festivals/events in Toronto. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @bakethreefifty

Do you have a store/restaurant etc. as well?

As of now we don’t have a store. We’re just having fun living the trucker life and going to all these exciting events. Maybe down the line we’ll open a store… stay tuned!

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