Five Reasons You Should Be Drinking Cask Beer

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Cask beer or Cask ale can be a bit of a mystery to beer drinkers.  It’s served warm, it’s cloudy to look at and without forced  carbonation, it’s rather flat.  However for those who have mastered the craft beer scene this is the perfect next step in beer appreciation. And here’s why.

Reason#1: Cask Beer has a unique flavour.

The range of flavours that cask beer can develop is astonishing. Floral, fruity, spicy, malty; everything across the spectrum. Since it is served warm those nuances come out in full force. Did you know cold numbs your taste buds? So any beer served chilled dulls the flavour profile masking what it truly tastes like. And brewing in a cask allows for nature aeration which also enhances flavours (much like aerating wine).

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Reason #2: Cask beer varieties is can be rare and hard to find.

Cask beer has a short shelf live and because it is so easy to experiment with flavours and aromas it’s hard to find the same beer twice. This makes it even more important to try because you may never get the chance again.

Reason #3: Cask beer is good for you!

Cask beer isn’t pasteurized or stored longer than a month.  It is made with all natural fresh ingredients, no preservative or chemicals are added.  It also has a natural carbonation meaning you don’t get that generally bloated feeling when you drink a lot.  Which means you can just drink more.

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Reason #4: Cask Beer is real, true beer.

Without the additives, without the lengthy brewing process and by using simple ingredients like malted  barley, hops, water and yeast that are allowed to naturally come together in the Cask, this beer is the realest, truest, freshest  you can drink.

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Reason #5: Cask Days! The best beer event of the year.

 Lucky for us, Toronto hosts the best beer event of the year, Cask Days. From October 23-25th for a minimal cost per token you can sample your way thorough multitudes of Casks discovering the changes in flavour, trying a rare sample and revelling in your new found appreciation of beer.  Always in late October its cool enough to not scoff at drinking room temperature beer yet warm enough to bring out the diehards in their horned helmets and lederhosen.

There is a whole new world out there to be discovered in beer drinking. Why not try your hand at Cask?

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