First Signs of Spring

This morning while walking in the neighbourhood I saw good old Robin Red Breast and thought how he is always associated with the first sign of spring. The blooming hyacinths and crocuses are another indicator that spring is finally shaking off the last of the cold grasp that winter had.

My first sign begins when I start seeing the little faces of pansies showing up at corner markets and garden centres. The great thing about these plants is that they thrive in the cold that spring still brings us during the day, which means we can start getting our hands dirty early in April without the fear of frost.

Pansies prefer to be planted in the shade and regular deadheading can help keep it blooming all season long. One trick is to cut them right back in the warmer months when they start to get leggy so that in the cooler fall months they will bloom strong again. pansies

Pansies come in a wide spectrum of colours from yellows, to pinks and purples. They also make perfect container plants to but in a spot that may be too shady for other annuals.

What are your first signs of spring?

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