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Whether you are building your kitchen inventory from scratch or replacing out some gadgets let me give you some advice.  When it comes to certain utensils, don’t cheap out and hit up the dollar or discount store.  Yes wooden spoons are cheap and easily replaceable but for the tools that do the hard work, that require even an ounce of elbow grease, quality is above all the most important thing you need.


Let me introduce you to my favorite brand of graters and zesters.  Microplane has been doing this a long time and they definitely know what they are doing. And it’s because it all came from a woman who wanted to make things easier for her in the kitchen. By using her husband’s woodworking rasp, with its razor edge sharp teeth, she created the most versatile and efficient zester around.  With a few modifications Microplane has now supplied cooks around the world with graters and zesters that are not only great at their jobs, but also gorgeous to have in your kitchen.

As you can see by the picture my microplane stand grater has been around the block, and hit the floor many times.  And yet with every pass of cheese, soft or hard, it has given me a uniform, smooth shred. It’s created velvety mac and cheeses and mind blowing gratins.
Spanish Mac and Cheese (3 of 4)

My zester has provided me with instant citrus zings for cookies and desserts.

Citrus Cookie - The Tasty Gardener

And the handheld grater is beautiful set out on a table for instant parmesan topping to family dinners of spaghetti and meatballs. Or a hearty bowl of soup.

Creamy Potato Soup (3 of 3)

Items in your kitchen that are of high quality means the food you prepare is just as great.  And when something can help you achieve your goals in cooking with ease and confidence you know you will have continue success.  Microplane is the perfect friend to have.


*I do receive products from Microplane free of charge but have never been under obligation to post a review.  Every word I write is my own opinion and I only written because I believe 100% in the product.

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