Dirty Food Eatery


Dirty Food Eatery is a name worth explaining. While the connotation around the word “dirty” could conjure up visions of pestilence and filth when paired with “food” it invokes simple, down home, taste first dishes that prefer pretty delicious over pretty looking.


After a year of getting their feet wet catering weddings and corporate events Leslie Wilks and Jonathan Iskiw have brought their little eatery to the storefront; opening a new brunch and breakfast hot spot in the junction. Bright and simple lines in their decor help relax a bustling crowd enjoying salads, sandwiches and egg-centric offerings.


Everything that can be made in house is; from the cured meats, pickled vegetables and pillowy pierogis. Typical brunch fare dominates the menu but small touches from Chef Iskiw’s fine dining background brings each dish to a higher level.


Double brined friend chicken is juicy yet enveloped in a crisp, deep fried batter and highlighted with a jalapeno syrup. Vinegary collards greens on the Egg’s Jenny (named after Wilks’ sister) cuts through the hollandaise like butter.


With the areas’ neighbourhoods rebuilding and regentrifying a simple yet flavour forward brunch spot is a welcoming site. Both Wilks and Iskiw believe “dirty” is both a good and delicious idea while being uncomplicated and hope their restaurant continues to express those important basics.

Dirty Food Eatery
3070 Dundas Street West

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