Daffodil’s For Hope

It’s that time of the year again where we are encouraged to donate to charity by purchasing daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society. I think cut flowers are beautiful (my cats think they are a delicious snack) but I never buy them for one reason alone. They die!

Personally I think the Cancer Society should be selling their daffodils as potted plants so people can replant in their own garden and enjoy them every year. Most people who purchase the cut Daffodils are doing so to donate to the charity as well as enjoy the beautiful flowers so the amount of contributions should not change. It also encourages more people who don’t like cut flowers or can’t have them like myself to donate as well.

When you replant them, every year that they come back is a reminder of the generosity to a charity that does outstanding work. Daffodils are the first flowers of spring and symbolize hope for a world free of cancer. How beautiful would it be to see that hope burst forth each spring!

Here is a photo of a friend’s backyard that has done a beautiful display of their daffodils.


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