Cutie Pie Cupcakes


As a seven year veteran on the cupcake scene, Melanie Abdilla is no stranger to peoples love of desserts. With years of special orders, catering events and wedding season madness under her belt it is no surprise that a store front operation would be next on her list.


Situated on pedestrian heavy Spadina Avenue, Abdilla has expanded her sweet empire to include hot and cold beverages as well as a showcase for her creative flavour combinations.


Cupcakes come in bite sized cuties or full sized chubby while the whoopie pies (icing sandwiched between cake)mirror their more traditional cousins in flavours and colours.


Not sure which taste is for you then splurge on a whoopie kebab.


It’s the addition of hot and cold drinks that have really brought in the Instagram popular crowd. Greek-style, milk heavy espresso beverages and cold brewed teas help beat the heat alongside the photo popular Unicorn Latte.


Soft Serve ice cream has rounded out the perfect summer crowd menu; unicorn flavour is also available, as well as steamy morning pick me up, the affogato, soft serve drizzled with a shot of espresso.

As the weather cools down expect even wilder things to come from the kitchens of Cutie Pie Cupcakes.

Cutie Pie Cupcakes

235 Spadina Ave, Toronto



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