Cupcake Party!

I spent the day with a couple of little people yesterday.  One of them was celebrating their 6th birthday and instead of making a cake for her I decided that we would make and decorate cupcakes together.

They each had their own bowl and whisk.



The directions called for an electric mixer but they were doing great on their own.



Pouring the mix into the muffin cups got a little messy. Nothing that couldn’t be cleaned.


I think they turned out great!!!


I completely got to see first hand an example of the expression “kid in a candy store”.  A trip to the bulk barn resulted in these many options.


Icing the cupcakes started out well.


And ended with a little flavour combinations.


Both girls had very distinct decorating techniques.

One was very detailed oriented. (a little girl after my heart)


While the other was more about quantity. (nothing wrong with that)


The girls had a whole lot of fun decorating 8 different cupcakes each.

How did we know who’s were what?  Quite ingenious really.

One always used a gummy worm.


The other always had a cookie!


And did I, The Tasty Gardener, decorate anything.  Absolutely!


Did you expect anything less?

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  1. yummy mummy says:
    Just a tip for those that can't handle the mess of little fingers filling cupcake pans. Try a turkey baster! this is also great when pressed for time or making a large quantity.

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