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There are not many places around the city where you can pop in for a glass of wine or beer and a quick nibble without having to put your name on a list at the door or fight masses of hungry diners.  You can certainly upgrade your movie ticket to VIP status or press yourself uncomfortably into a sliver of a spot at the bar.  Or better yet just prepare it yourself at home. None of that helps if you just want to go out and be marginally sociable before or after a main event.


Corks & Platters Wine Bar in The Beach is just what every neighbourhood needs.  Owned and curated by wine expert Krista Pollett guests can perch on a log stool or relax at one of three tables for two and sip on a local Niagara vintage and snack on any of the available custom meat, cheese or vegetable platters. It’s not a place where you linger over long drawn out courses or plan out a detailed bathroom renovation. Instead you have an inviting, comfortable space where you can try great wines, chat with Krista or meet a regular or two before heading out to your next stop.

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Pollett is the consummate hostess.  Ask for wine and food pairing recommendations and she will take you on a wondrous tasting journey with her knowledge and passion.  Firmly believing in and openly practising living local she always has a moment to introduce you to something new, talk about a great new cheese find or to discuss the importance of supporting local Ontario growers and farmers.


Her well thought out wine list is solely small brand Niagara Wines not generally found in the LCBO and her platters comprise of edibles all produced in Ontario by small family owned farms. Even the beer selection, currently at 2 different brands available, are from small bottle-on-demand brewers or companies focusing on the same eating and drinking locally mentality.  While International wines may appear on special evenings in the future, guests can still trust in finding a superb sip from her collection.

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Nothing goes to waste in this small, cozy place.  From making her own beef jerky to using reclaimed wood and crafting the furniture by hand to repurposing her children’s artwork into the decor you get an immediate sense of home while enjoying a night out.  Whether you are on a date and heading to a show or want to unwind after a long day Cork & Platters is the perfect place to have a good time though not a long time.


Cork’s & Platters

2220 Queen Street East


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