Childhood Banana Shortage

Growing up it was always a treat when my mom would make banana bread. A loaf never lasted a day in our house between everyone trying a slice straight out of the oven then another to satisfy a late night craving. If my dad was lucky he might have been able to take a slice to work the next day. My dad wasn’t a very lucky guy.

Warm out of the oven.

Warm out of the oven.

The only problem was that there was hardly ever bananas available to make multiple loaves let alone just one. And I don’t mean a local grocery store storage. You see my dad preferred his bananas on the green side, my mom likes them ripe and I loved them as close to black as possible. Bunches in our household never made it to the bread stage.

Now that I’m living on my own I have the exact opposite problem. By the time bananas are how I like them there is only a small window of a couple days to eat them before they are too far-gone. Therefore my freezer is fill of blacken, overripe bananas.

Lucky for me I still love banana bread.

Banana bread Recipe

*Here a tip for freezing bananas. Instead of freezing them whole, remove their peel then mash the banana in a plastic container which makes for easier storage. You can add more or remove some from the container as the bananas are needed for baking.

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