Cheesy Vegetable Gratin

Cheesy Vegetable Gratin-19

I was recently offered the chance to try out a product from Microplane Canada.  Given carte blanche to pick any of their gorgeous kitchen tools I couldn’t resist picking a box grater.  It’s ironic that I haven’t had one of my own before this.  I grew up as the designated cheese grater in my family and the box was always what we used.  Nothing is more satisfy than that light bang on the counter to get a small handful of shavings that had been hanging on to the grating blades.   The handful that never made it anywhere but in my mouth.

Cheesy Vegetable Gratin

Moving out on my own I had plane graters, and container graters but never the upright box.  Given my recent problems with my shoulder I figured the motion  needed to use this type would be far easier and a lot less painful and it’s surprising how a well built, good quality kitchen tool makes you enjoy the little things in cooking.  Like smooth, effortless grating.

I wanted to make a great recipe to try that would allow me to use this product to it’s full potential.  This gratin did just that as well as providing my family with a rich and decadent side dish that night for dinner.

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By using cheeses and vegetables of different hardness I had a chance to try out each blade offered.

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The slicer blade work decently with soft vegetables like zucchini and squash but required a little more elbow grease than I had hoped and was rather awkward to do safely. I would not give up my mandolin any day. Since my main use for this kitchen tool would be cheeses I was not too concerned that this slicer wouldn’t get used.  Everyone needs slices of cheese too.

Cheesy Vegetable Gratin-4

The medium ribbon blade worked wonders creating gorgeous wide strips of dairy goodness.  Of course it’s almost impossible to not grab a handful.

The fine zester and the coarse blades also had no trouble shredding up my cheeses without frustratingly gumming up the grater.  I particularly love the look of the curls the course blade created.

Cheesy Vegetable Gratin-7Cheesy Vegetable Gratin-5

The rubber legs are amazing at keeping the grater in place while I used it and have I mentioned how utterly gorgeous this tool looks with its stainless steel blades.  Even after using and washing regularly it’s still shiny and new.  As I mentioned before a good quality kitchen tool like this grater makes the world of difference when you are cooking in the kitchen.  Your time should be spent tasting and creating not struggling over your prep.

Check out Microplane at the Toronto Gift Fair this coming weekend to help them celebrate 20 years in grater business.  There will be cake and prizes, as well as an opportunity to check out this amazing product.

*This is a sponsered post and while I did receive this grater free to try from Microplane, the recipe and opinions are solely mine.

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