Canada Blooms 2010

Sometimes all it really takes is a change of scenery.

Anyone who remembers my post about last years Canada Blooms will recall how deeply disappointed I was.  Very few gardens, not a lot of Horticultural related booths, I was really on the fence about returning this year.  When I saw that organizer decided to use the Direct Energy Center at the Exhibition grounds I was even more unsure since I preferred the convenience of taking the subway to the Metro Convention Centre in previous years.  But being a good blogger that I am, I knew if anything I should check it out and report back to you guys so you can make the decision whether to go or not.

So this years show…..WOW!!!!!!!!!

Where do I start?  First let me apologize because this post will be big…HUGE! But let me tell you….the pictures you will see just scratch the surface of  what’s there is displayed.  My first hour in and I had already racked up 300 photos and that was just in a 1/3 of the space the show occupied this year. 

Garden Hall

Here is where you get a chance to see the floral designs and plant competitions.  I’m not a big fan of poofy flower displays yet this years definitely drew me in since it integrated a theme that I absolutely love, dance.

Here are some of the dances featured.





Can Can


The Paso Doble

Hip Hop







Contemporary Dance

Local florists also contributed beautiful designs to be displayed.  Some of them are whimsical, some are a bit odd and other so dramatic they take your breath away.  Here are just a few.

Once your senses are completely overloaded you can stop and take a break while watching one of the many speakers at the Celebrity Stage or continue to wander on to the display gardens.

Feature Garden Area

I’m showing you some photos from a few of my favorite designs in this area but remember what I said earlier. There is so much more than what I’ve shared today.

When you look across the feature garden area one sight towers high over everything else.

Yes its Mickey ears.  And its the centrepiece for the Disney Gardens Magical World of Tinker Bell.  With tunnels to run through, grass animals, face painting and crafts this spot is perfect for taking your little ones.  But who am I fooling.  Any kid at heart can enjoy the magic of the fairies.

Landscape Ontario has an amazing design featuring a patio screen that I want…like right now….plus an interesting entrance covered in moss, ferns and orchid flowers.



A flash back to the era of the Flintstones and you get this adobe hut design made out of straw, water and clay by Parklane.

The Canadian Cancer Society has a very piognant and special exhibit.  The Yellow Beacon is a display of daffodil covered walls, a tranquil pond and most importantly a stone wall where guests can leave a chalk message of survival, hope and love.

But my favorite of the whole show is The Cellar from D.A. Gracey.  If I ever moved to Italy this is what my place would look like.  Until that time I have to find myself one of those giant wine glasses, a few tons of grapes and maybe a tall, dark and muscly man to fan me while I lounge.

The Marketplace

Last but definitely not least.  You can find pretty much anything you want here.  There are booths specializing in fertilizer, garden tools, landscape design, different horticultural clubs, garden specific travel destinations as well as plants, plants and more plants. 

Of course The Niagara Wine Garden is back again this year for those in the 19 plus catergory and after all that walking need a beverage or 2. Did I mention I went alone? Completely a comparison study…..


What a great day! 

Canada Blooms continues through the weekend ending Sunday March 21st.  Check out their website for hours, directions and ticket information.  Try to find time over the next couple of days to check out this show.  While the weather has been beautiful and it feels like Spring has sprung, spend a few hours here and then there’s definitely no turning back to winter.

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