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People’s obsession with Mexican food was evident by mania surrounding the inclusion of the taco has an important long awaited Emoji.  Friends needed to tell friends they were going for, about to eat or had eaten these popular hand held bites. Toronto’s food trend of taco joints also continues to thrive.  You want fancy with pickled this or kimchi that; there is a restaurant for it. You want dirty and smothered in cheese; also a place for that.  However let’s talk about something utterly mind blowing. Taco’s for breakfast.

Okay so brunch is technically that time between breakfast and lunch but for Parkdale’s Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro it’s a time to cure a hangover, fill a belly or indulge in a cocktail or two.  And yes eat taco’s for breakfast. And not only tacos.  Brunch at Fonda Lola has something for everyone.

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Not quite finished imbibing from the night before or need a proverbial “hair of the dog” you can enjoy a citrus margarita or the Michelada; a jalapeno, lime and beer classic.  If garnishes are your thing enjoy a candied bacon topped Caesar made with house-aged tequila.

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The hippie granola eater can order just that but with a kick.  Tequila infused granola, Greek yogurt and fruit is further spiked with a drizzle of tequila honey.  Hipster with a boozy kick.

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Of course the main attraction for taco lovers is well the tacos; these are filled with egg whites, bacon, crema and salsa roja. You also can’t go wrong with Lola’s Eggs Benny; two poached eggs on top of slow braised pulled pork nestled on English muffins and drizzled with a plate licking chipotle hollandaise sauce.  Both dishes include salty, crispy home fries, perfect for soaking up yet another margarita while the eggs benny also includes a kale salad.

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Those of you who prefer dessert for breakfast can dig into a massive plate of Mexican French Toast. Plantain bread is egg drenched, fried and served with an apple berry compote, horchata cream and cinnamon.

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And if you are like me and have a hard time getting yourself together in time for Brunch but desperately need a “it’s late but my stomach is protesting” solution then the aptly named hangover chilaquiles is waiting for you. It’s like breakfast nachos (a very close second to breakfast tacos). Salsa Mexicana soaked tortilla chips are topped with jalapenos, crema, Oaxaca cheese and a perfectly cooked fried egg. Supporting it is a serving of homemade refried beans.

Whether brunch for you is getting together with friends, recovering from excess from the night before or a meal cause you slept late, tacos never judge.  And breakfast tacos? Nicest bunch of all.

Fonda Lola

942 Queen Street W.,



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  1. And yes eat taco’s for breakfast. If garnishes are your thing enjoy a candied bacon topped Caesar made with house-aged tequila.

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