Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese

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Occupying an unassuming corner on a stretch of Ossington Avenue that boasts the likes of The Foxley, Union, Rock Lobster and The Saint is a tiny wooden walk-up with shack-like proportions called Bobbie Sue’s. There are no tables or chairs here. Instead this wood covered window opens up and under the watchful (painted) eye of buildings’ bovine namesake everyone’s comfort food dreams are answered.

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Brother’s Frederic and Nicholas Laliberté,  and Fred’s wife Katie have an experienced history with all things carbohydrates, sauce and cheese as owners of another popular single subject restaurant Poutini’s . Getting to the heart of peoples stomachs is what they know best.  By using the tiny space attached to their sister restaurant Hawker Bar they not only have the convenience of location and storage overflow but a mutual love of all things gooey.

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Using Fred’s perfected béchamel base, this diminutive space boasts big flavours with a perfect variety of meat, veggie and cheese combinations as exuberant as the creators themselves. Nostalgic Camp Mac offers up out the much loved cut up hot dogs our mother’s used to make while the Carbonara fancies up your palate with high styling pancetta and egg yolk.

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Curry in a Hurry and the Blue Buffalo Chicken are easy choices for those wanting to spice up their lives while vegan’s can equally enjoy some cheesy goodness along with their carnivore friends.

This unique eclectic space works simply because it they keep their menu compact yet diverse.  For anyone having a craving for belly soothing comfort food Bobbie Sue’s is only a walk up away.

Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese

162 Ossinton Avenue #3

Toronto Ontario

(647) 352-2762

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