Beer 101: Does My Beer Just Look Great in that Glass? Beer and Glassware

The third post of a series of beer articles breaking down all there is to know about our favorite beverage.  As I mentioned before I’m no expert. I don’t have any beer sommelier qualifications. All I know is I like to drink beer and I drink a lot of it and I try lots of different kinds. I’ve listened and learned.

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Beer Glassware Photo 1

That glass you pour your beer in to isn’t just a vessel to keep it cold or a means to get it down your throat as fast as possible.  Casual restaurants and bars may pour your beer selections in the same shape each and every time but at establishments where taps run into the double digits and a brewmaster may be in the house you will notice that your glassware changes with every different beer you try. Ten different shapes of glassware are out there help make beer the star of the show. I spent a weekend trying them all out and folks please try this at home.

Beer Glassware Photo 2

The Mug/Stein (Picture with Bell City Eureka Cream Ale)

Perfect For: Mostly everything from Stouts to IPA.

Two things a mug or Stein does is keep the beer cold and hold a lot of it. Very important traits.  The handle gives you a sturdy grip and keeps your sweaty, warm hands from cooling down your pour. The thick glass also holds up to boisterous clinking.

Beer Glassware Photo 3

The Pint Glass (Pictured with Great Lakes Pompous Ass)

Perfect For: IPA’s, Brown Ales, Porters, Ambers and Stouts

The most popular glass you will find in any place serving alcohol. They are stackable making for easy storage and of course measure a perfect pint of beer. Generally what brewers give out free in a case of beer.

Beer Glassware Photo 4

The Pilsner Glass (Pictured with Double Troubles’ Prison Break Pilsner)

Perfect For: Lagers, bocks, Pilsners, Blondes (ale that is)

This tall slender 12 oz. glass helps show off carbonation (yay bubbles) and the beers gorgeous colour. It retains its head and show off its clarity.

Beer Glassware Photo 5

The Snifter (Pictured with Flying Monkeys Acadian Groove Maple Porter)

Perfect For: Stouts, Porters, Saisons, IPAs

Not just used for cognac and brandy, snifter glass are perfect for swirling beers with big aromas and sweet flavours trapped by its tapered mouth. Yes swirl your stout and be all classy and such.

Beer Glassware Photo 6

The Chalice (Goblet) (Pictured with Flying Monkey’s Belle of the Barrel Bordeaux Aged Belgian Ale)

Perfect For: Belgian Ales, Dubbels, Tripels and Quads

Yes you can drink a beer from a goblet or chalice and get all Game of Thrones like.  That is one of the reason they are recommended for use.  They are wide mouthed for deep sipping and with all that attitude you will be exuding make sure you are drinking an equal big attitude beer.

Beer Glassware Photo 7

The Wheat Beer Glass (Pictured With All or Nothings’ Hopfenweisse)

Perfect For: Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, Wheat Beers

The narrow flared bottom will hold any sediment these gorgeous beers produce while it’s slender body showcases its color and wider top produces a delicious head.

Beer Glassware Photo 8

The Flute (Picture with Big Rigs’ Bock Me Gently Copperbock)

Perfect For: Beers with high carbonation

What kind of beers would you drink in a champagne flute? Why bubbly ones of course.

Beer Glassware Photo 9

The Stange (Pictured with Flying Monkeys Matador Dark Rye Ale)

Perfect For: Bocks, Lambic, Rye Beer, Czech Pilsner

With its narrow, straight up and down edges this glass is perfect for delicate, highly aromatic beers keeping the beer in a tighter concentration. A Tom Collins glass is a perfect stange.

Beer Glassware Photo 10

The Wine Glass (Pictured with Royal Citys’ Smoked Honey Saison)

Perfect For: Saison, Belgian Ales

No, pouring your beer in a wine glass is not a sign of desperation or a need to wash some dishes. Wine glasses are shaped so you can see and smell the quality of wine you are drinking and beer falls along the same lines. It’s also confuses your guests. Fun times!

Beer Glassware Photo 11

The Tulip Glass (Pictured With Flying Monkeys Aurora Heart Chocolate Raspberry Stout)

Perfect For: Belgians, Saisons, Scotch Ale, IPA’s

It’s curvy body creates great foamy heads while looking damn sexy in the process.  Great for high gravity (foamy) beers.

You do not by any means have to use a different glass for your beer.  It will taste great anyways.  But if you want it to taste even better and if you want to be a BOSS with your beer drinking friends then I’d hit up the glassware store ASAP.

Next Up….Beer 101: No Spitting in a Bucket Here! Beer Tasting.

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