Beef and Mushrooms Kofta

Beef Kofta (1)


Growing up, I actually had an aversion to mushrooms which my mom tried with no success to change. Every Friday night she would do a “take-out at home” meal with chicken fried rice being one of the dishes which she would fill with mushrooms. Every week following fried rice day she would be vacuuming behind the couch and could never figure out why it sounded like little pebbles being sucked through the hose. It wasn’t until she caught me red handed picking each and every mushroom from the dish and dropping them behind the couch that the mystery was solved. Lucky for me my taste buds evolved in my teens and now mushrooms top as one of my favorite vegetables of all time.

I decided to make this dish less meaty then an original kofta recipe.  By using chopped mushrooms in place of half of the ground beef you create a healthier version without losing any of the flavour.  In fact the mushrooms give it’s own woodsy flavour, a perfect complement to the variety of spices and adds a boast of nutrition to each kabob.  For the full recipe check out my guest post at Mushrooms Canada.

I served my kofta with this quick dip of greek yogurt, dill and cucumber.  It’s cool and refreshing along side the spicy meat.

Beef Kofta (2)


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  1. lovin' on the spice blend for the kofta - cinnamon and the grill are just perfect companions. I'm curious, though - you don't have any type of binder listed. How do you get them to hold together so well without it?
    • Surprisingly if the onion and mushrooms are chopped small enough everything holds together really well because of the beef. If you make them narrow enough they almost flash grill, cooking super fast therefore holding them together. I'm not a huge fan of binder and the texture it adds to a dish.

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