BBQ Kings

It’s our first official long weekend of the summer and many people are heading North to the cottage or staying home and planning their first BBQ’s of the season.

It’s also the time of the year where the men in our lives come out of hibernation and declare their supremacy as professional chefs. Why is it that the ability to operate a BBQ suddenly makes them the number 1 “cook” in the family. Don’t get me wrong; men have an uncanny ability when it comes to outdoor grilling but BBQ chicken does not make a culinary king. And when it comes to all the prep work and the accompanying side dishes, it’s still the lady of the house (in most cases) who pulls it all together.

Marinating means so much more than brushing sauce over and over again and vegetables can be grilled along with those steaks and ribs.

But I’ll be fair and let them have their shining glory for the next several months. Because I know it won’t be long before the turkey gets stuffed and all is right in the world again.



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