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In a city where it’s culinary knowledge in based on its segmented neighbourhoods, Roncesvalle is a slow but steady up and comer.  Still full of Eastern European bakeries and hipster coffee shops and bordering alongside family friendly High Park this growing community just got a bit cooler with the addition of Bandit Brewery.

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It was their love of beer that brought owners Stephane Dubois and Shehzad Hamza together and the appreciation of  classic German beer gardens that manifested into this bright and airy space. Located in an old mechanics shop they have kept the massive garage bay doors (that open onto the soon to be packed patio) and shop office (to be the future bottle shop).

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A central bar area is also their brewing space while communal picnic tables and open concept seating horseshoes around the high top bar seating.  The idea of a young family sharing a table with older professionals is not a far off idea and with the friendly, relaxed feel of the space, it is actually encouraged.

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The menu consists of sharing plates and small nibbles with a main entree thrown in for those who need more to sustain their beer drinking.


Oven fresh pretzels are by far the best accompaniment to any number of their beers while the cheese board again encourage sharing.


Their Kale salad rivals even the cities best known dishes  and the fried egg topped Ontario beef steak and potatoes is perfectly executed. All their dishes  from the onion jam on the cheese board to the sticky toffee pudding are made in house and thanks to their confidence in their Brew master many of the recipes include their beers in the ingredients list.

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While the food is fantastic it’s their beer that steals the show. Running the gamut from light lagers to IPA’s to smoky porters, Brew master Ben Morris has shown impeccable skill in his development of the Bandit beer menu.  Currently with 12 beers on tap (and growing) every beer lover will be able to find a style they can enjoy.

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Long gone are the drinking establishments that are dark, dank and intimidating.  Instead breweries are understanding that beer drinking is an “everyday” persons new preference.  Trying new beers and talking about them with the people a table over is not a strange thing anymore.  And with the perfect space, drinks and food the enthusiastic team behind Bandit Brewery has created a winner.

Bandit Brewery

2125 Dundas Street West


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