DSC_0095When I opened the box for this months wine I was slightly disappointed to see yet another Pinot Noir.  It seems we have lots of red wine already in our collections and not enough whites (maybe I’m just drinking them too fast…yikes!)  Luckily the second bottle was just what I was hoping for though I have never heard of this type of wine before.

Viognier, until recently had been a dwindling variety of grape for growers in areas outside the 35 acres in France.  California, Australia, Canada, Brazil and other parts of the US have recently planted new crops however due to slow growth and light yields a lot of these grapes are not ready yet for commercial production.  Viognier grapes are highly susceptible to powdery mildew and must be harvested at their peak maturity making them extremely temperamental and their resulting product quite expensive.

Viognier have complex flavors of fruits like apricots, mango, pineapples, kiwi, guava and tangerines, floral like orange blossoms, violet and honey and spices like anise and mint.  It works well with spicy foods as well as chicken or fish topped with fruit salsas.


Mango Salsa Recipe

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