2016 Craft Beer Advent Calendar- Day 3


One of the things I love about craft beer and the ever changing options out there is that the name game is on point. Some of my favorites include Haters Gonna Hate, Crazy Cat Lady, Bock Me Gently, Midnight Kissed My Cow, Juicy Ass, Hasselhef, Audrey Hopburn, My Bitter Wife…the creativity is endless. I think if I ever made my own beer I’d spend more time coming up with names than actually producing.

Mad Tom from Muskoka Brewery is the milder cousin of Twice As Mad Tom. See another great moniker! This is another one of those big IPA’s with notes of orange, pine and floral elements. It comes in at a 6.4 ABV and 64 IBU’s.

Cheers to 24 Days of Beer!


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